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Local Joiner Starts His New Business on Gets Online FIrst

Joiner In Durham starts off new venture by getting online.

Andrew came to us through Facebook after we saw him placing random pictures on Facebook showing examples of his work, and that was it for getting himself online. Webzlee suggested getting a website and starting the business by getting online with a responsive website. Andrew had a few concerns being a new business regarding finance, as most new businesses do, but this site was done on the standard budget and the business is online and on a budget!

Joiner Durham Since the business is brand new, Andrew had nothing with regards to a business name, logo or branding! That's great news for us and for Andrew. Put it this way. If you live in Durham and you need a joiner, what do you type into Google? Exactley! Either Joiner Durham or Durham Joiner. So the business was called Joiner Durham and the domain name www.joinerdurham.co.uk was available,  and so there is are the first steps to getting online.

Logo Creation

Canva WebsiteNow, we need to keep costs down and create something good looking you need to take a look at Canva. You can create some very good looking images using this online platform and it's free. We created a nice and basic logo using the colours of Co Durham regional flag of yellow and blue to give a simple striking logo. Sometimes the simple ones are the best, what do think?


Website Design

Website goals. That is what every website should have and this website is no different. There is an emphasis on what the business provides as a service and what the visitor need to do to get in contact with joinerdurham.co.uk

With the importance of mobile responsiveness and wanting the visitors to call him, we have made it easy, all they have to do is press the number and the phone will dial the business.


The main page design is specifically orientated to show the services the business can provide in a simple straightforward manner. This is also backed up by testimonials from his previous customers to give potential customers reassurance. This is part of a long-term strategy that incorporates collecting great reviews over a number of platforms. As ever the importance of letting visitors easily get in contact, the page has a large easy to use contact form as well as plenty of calls to action to do the same thing. This nicely goes with the creation of a contact page to help this happen.

Instagram Integration

Customers love to see pictures. Especially when it comes to seeing your work or what you might be doing. Working within an active role like joinery, Andrew is very unlikely to be sitting at a computer, unless he is as home working on Invoices, he is likely to want to start uploading images of his work to the website.

Like most people, he has a smartphone with a camera and it is easy to take great pictures. So we created an Instagram account and have created an Instagram page that automatically updates all the images that you put on Instagram. Easy!! Andrew doesn't have to do anything that he wasn't already doing anyway, and customers can see his work examples.

What Next?

There things that Joiner Durham have to do now, but here at Webzlee we are guiding the business with what actions that need to be completed. Our aim at Webzlee is not just to create a website, we want to be part of your business and help them grow, So if they have any questions we are only a click away!

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