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We have created our shop, you can too!

If you have an ecommerce site you can sell all your products. All day. Every day. That's the beauty of selling online. However some businesses don't sell online and are missing out on the opportunity from making more of the opportunities of having an online shop.

When you get your website with Webzlee, if you want a shop, you can create one yourself as an add on to the site that we have already created for you. What is even better than this is that it does not cost you anything extra to have a shop, and you can sell as many things as you like for the same monthly price of £15!

Webzlee even has its own shop, just so that you can have a look at it here and hey, if you like BBQ, then order one of the grill matts we have for free! It gives you a good idea of how the process looks in real life.

To find out more information just fill out the contact form with any questions you have and we will get right back to you




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