We will get you online with a responsive website that works towards your business goals

What is the process?

Website Creation

We want to help you get online, so the first step is to get in contact with us which you can here. We will have a talk about what you might already have and what type of website will benefit your business and get started on your website creation From this chat, we can build up an idea of what pages will be needed and how the website might look like.Then we can send you a simple prototype of how the website will look like. 

How much will it cost?

We want to keep the cost down, and to do this we use existing themes from our library. What this means is that we are streamlining our time using existing code that has already been developed so that we can keep the price down. So the initial build of your site is £70 ( or US $110).  For this price you will get a .co.uk domain (or .com if in the US)  or if you already have a domain it can be transferred to our servers. We will build your home page, About us page and a Contact Us page and host the site on our servers. From this point we give you all the admin details and passwords and you have full control of your website for £15 per month (or US $19 per month)

£70 startup and build then £15 per month.

What am I paying for a month?

For any website to be online, you have to pay what is called Hosting. When you develop a website you have to have it hosted so that people can find it. We say that in simple terms your website is your Shop, and the hosting is the ground rent for your shop. With that in mind the monthly charge is to have your website hosted on our cloud based servers which provide 99.9% uptime, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited storage space. The monthly charge also includes the security of the website platform as well as any platform updates.

The other reason that you pay such a low monthly is that you are getting a modern, up to date, responsive website which believe me we have seen digital agencies charge £0000's for. You are getting the same for £15 per month!

How long do I have to be with Webzlee?

We will be straight with you. 12 months. We will set up a secure recurring payment using PayPal which will take the initial payment for the first month, and then monthly fee each month thereafter. If you want to cancel your payment within the 12 months you can, but your website will no longer be shown. If within the 12 months you want to transfer your domain and website to another provider the cost will be £500. 

After the 12 months is up, you can just continue to pay the monthly fee or cancel your account. If you cancel the account and want to transfer the domain name there is a £10 fee for the transfer.

We hope to build a good relationship with you and return more value than the £15 monthly subscription so that you will stay and make your Digital Growth a success!

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