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What we do

We make websites! Obviously there is a bit more to it than that, but if you are a business, and you want to have a website that’s made to get you more customers, that’s what we will do!

Web Development

Our aim is to make a website that works. It is all well and good having a swish website if it doesn’t bring in the money. So we aim to make a website with targeted business goals.


We host all our websites on solid state servers based in the UK. If that means nothing to you, then all you need to know is we get your website hosted!

Built with Local SEO

Our websites are targeted towards getting you found within your local area. If you are a small business in Durham, that is where we will focus your website.

Our Latest Work

Some of the work that we have recently completed. We are lucky enough to work with some great small businesses and want to help more get online. Take a look!

we’re not a massive agency

Webzlee is a small setup. We don’t have a huge office and we aren’t paying ten staff. So because of that we can make a website that isn’t going to cost your business a fortune. People ask how much a website costs? Well we will give you a ball park figure. This site would be about £350. Still interested. Give us a message and hit the contact button.
We want you to be one thing,
Website Design in Durham loves working with Businesses to make the most of the opportunities that are available online. We are not just people who want to make a website. We want to help your business grow. If you have a business and it only has a Facebook business page, take a look at the case study to see what you might be missing!

"Webzlee updated our old website to a fresh new modern look!"

Nic – Gecko Heating

"We have a great looking website that matches our Interior Design style"

Jess – Shotley Chic Interior Design

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