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A little bit about us.

Our journey started back in 2009 when the internet was a dark art and the majority of it was either spam or porn! Facebook and Twitter were still young companies that were growing at a phenomenal rate and if you were to post an Instagram, you would presume someone would be sending an "instant telegram??"

So how did Webzlee start?

We started training students on web development and business integration while creating our own websites, getting them found and ranked in Google and then selling the websites to businesses in that sector. While doing this over the years we grew to understand what businesses wanted with regards to getting online and started to focus on training businesses to get the most out of their online presence. In the spring of 2016 came an opportunity to work with Google's Digital Garage as a Trainer, Team Leader and Business Mentor, and we kept on getting asked the same question time and again.

Where can we go to get a good website on a small budget?

So that is really when Webzlee was born. We want to create a great looking website that has your business goals in mind, that is responsive and has the tools needed to increase business. We want to create that site, but more importantly give you the training and techniques to maintain and update your website.

So if you want to start your Digital Growth journey with us, we can help you get online and on a budget and train you to use the internet to its full benefit for your business.

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