Car Transport and Valeting Business


Chris came to us and said,
Dave. Can you make me a website that looks nice when traders ask if I have a website?

I said

Aye, I tell you what. I will make you a nice looking site and I will do it so Google likes it and shows it to people who search for Car Transport Gateshead.

Project summary

So, in a nut shell. I was creating a website so that when traders asked Chris if he had a website he could say yes and he wouldn’t be embarrassed to show it. He didn’t consider it actually being found by the general public, so we had a bit of a sit down and a conversation about what he would like to get more of in terms of business.

The Strategy

We don’t hide it. We use Divi to create websites. This is a Divi  built site. We like the interface, it helps us to create good looking sites and it helps to keep costs down. But that isn’t the strategy. The strategy was to create an optimised website that meets Googles criteria and is focused on converting visitors into phone calls for business.


  • SEO optimised website
  • Specific Call to Actions  on every page
  • Google Analyics integration
  • Google search console integration and submitted to Google Index
  • Google My Business implemetation and verifcation

Proven Results

The website was made and deployed by us. We manage the webhosting, maintenance, G Suite  management and domain name. The website is up and running and like most things in life, it is working project and still needs content completed, but Chris is a busy man!

Anyway. Page 1 on Google for about 12 local search terms for his Business objectives. I have outranked a large national organisation as well as a large local competitor. The analytics show that the website is getting found by customers all over the country and Chris has made back his investment on having a website

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