What we can do!

Website Development & SEO

What do we do? We make a website for your business, but that’s not all. When you get us to make you a website, we can advice you on URL’s and which ones you should go for. We can organise your web hosting, and when we are making your website, we make sure that its aimed at converting visitors into customers. We develop your site with both your customers in mind and making sure that Google like it. Most of all, we want to make something that helps your business grow. It’s not only making a website, it’s making a business asset!

Website Design & Brand Strategy

Here is what we are not. A full stack, git hub, dev team creating websites from random platforms that need to have a full new CMS developed to get you a website online, while drinking coffee that has been ground from the reclaimed coffee beans that have been ingested and pooped out by monkeys. That coffee process is real!

We straight up use the WordPress platform and the power of the Divi theme to create a website that looks good and is aimed at what you do.

We take our coffee white and in a cup.


You tell us what you would like to do, and we ask you what you want your customers to do


We will give you a general outline of what we think would look good, or you can tell us! 


The content, pictures, logos everything that is needed is pulled together ready for the…


The Build!! We build it in the webzlee sandpit. You get to see the progress and when its ready and your happy, we launch it into the world!

Our Babies

Honestly. They are like our little kids. We bring them into the world and help them to be the best they can be.

Car Transport

He wanted a car transport site. He got one. Now it ranks on page 1 of Google.

Corporate Landing

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Non-Profit Website

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